Kirill Prozorovsky

Kirill Prozorovsky

Deputy Director General for Commerce

Born December 11, 1987


Graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in 2010 majoring in Finance and Credits and qualified as an economist.

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2007, oil and gas production operator of a 3rd category of SP Chernogorskoye LLC.

2007 – 2008, leading specialist of the CJSC Association Grand settlement center.

2008 – 2012, Chief Specialist of the Commercial Department of Neftisa.

2012 – 2015, Director of the Department of Oil Supplies and Deputy CEO for Commerce of ForteInvest CJSC.

Since 2015 – Deputy CEO for Commerce of Neftisa.

Awards and Titles:

In 2020, was awarded the Gratitude of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.