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Samarainvestneft to build an oil custody transfer station in Sergievsky area

Being a part of JSC NK Neftisa group of companies, OAO Samarainvestneft started designing their own oil custody transfer station in Sergievsky area, informs "Samarskoye obozreniye".

JSC Samarainvestneft ("SIN") is an oil company founded in 1996 by the family of the former executive manager of OAO Samaraneftegaz Pavel Anisimov. In 2006, the Anisimovs sold the asset to the Basic Element holding company, and in 2009 SIN joined JSC NK Neftisa controlled by Moscow businessman Mikhail Gutseriev. In 2015 Neftisa expanded to the list of its Samara assets by acquiring JSC NK Samara developing Dengiskiy oil block from the National reserve corporation.

According to the website neftisa.ru, SIN has been developing seven oil fields located in the North of the Samara region and is also an oil production operator of JSC NK Samara. At the end of 2015, the volume of oil produced by SIN amounted to 337 thousand tons. However, in the absence of own infrastructure linking it with Transneft system, SIN is forced to transport oil to the main pipe through intermediaries. For many years OAO Samaraneftegaz has operated as the latter, but since 2015 Tatneft-Samara has become an intermediary as it has completed construction of own oil treatment facilities with their own crude oil delivery and acceptance point Kalinov Kluch in Sergievskiy area of Samara region.

According to the media, SIN owners have been trying hard to solve the problem with the connection to Transneft system since their entrance to the market and together with the regional authorities at different stages of development have been conducting negotiations with potential investors, who could take on the cost of construction of oil treatment facilities as well as an oil delivery and acceptance point. However, SIN only now seems to be able to implement their long-standing plans. As far as Samarskoye obozrenie was informed by several sources, in the current year, the company has started working on the construction of the crude oil delivery point. The facilities will be located in the Sergievskiy area, not far from Kalinov Kluch and JSC Transneft pumping station which have been built by investors from Tatarstan. Project data are not yet known, but according to the informed sources, it will allow SIN to completely reject the costly services of intermediaries. The company intends to independently conduct oil treatment works before delivering it into the pipe, thereby creating a closed production cycle from production to implementation. At present, the creation of an oil delivery and acceptance point is at the design stage. Samarainvestneft has already passed the public hearing stage and has received a decision of the administration of Sergievskiy area.

Neftisa hasn't yet commented on the construction of the delivery and acceptance point.

As Director of IK Vostok-invest Vladislav Zotov believes, independent oil treatment for its further transportation and delivery to Transneft system, SIN will get an opportunity to sell oil with a higher margin. Other experts of Samarskoye obozreniye do not exclude that Neftisa can not only reduce costs, but also obtain an additional source of income, providing services of acceptance and, perhaps, oil treatment. "This will allow us to speed up the payout process. But it will only work under the condition that SIN will be able to offer the market competitive terms," says a source in one of the Samara-based oil companies.

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