23 december 2021

Team of JSC “NK “Neftisa” Takes 2nd Place in the Business Champions League Tournament

03 december 2021

JSC “NK “Neftisa” Successfully Completed International Certification

29 november 2021

Neftegazpromtech Team Took Part in the “300th Anniversary of the Russian Oil Business” Tournament

24 november 2021

Samarainvestneft JSC Prematurely Fulfilled 2021 Business Plan for Oil Production

22 november 2021

СanBaikal LLC Announced Early Implementation of the Annual Plan for Hydrocarbons Production

18 november 2021

The 5th Tournament of JSC “NK “Neftisa” Football Team in the “Business Champions League”

11 november 2021

JSC “NK “Neftisa” Team Continues a Series of Football Victories

09 november 2021

Results of the First Stage of Photo Contest among “NK “Neftisa” Group of Companies

14 october 2021

Football Team of JSC “NK “Neftisa” Continued Its Victorious Performance in the “Business Champions League” Corporate Championship

07 october 2021

Football Team of JSC “NK “Neftisa” Victorious Start in the “Business Champions League” Corporate Championship

21 september 2021

JSC “NK “Neftisa” Specialists Took 2nd Place in the “Youth Global Forecast of Energy Development 2021”

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Our projects

Search and geological exploration, production and sales of oil

History of the company

Neftisa has been operating for more than 9 years, with an emphasis on principles of social responsibility.

JSC NK Neftisa is a dynamically developing Russian oil company.

Neftisa has over 90 oil fields, and this figure is increasing.

Drilling is the most efficient but the most capital-intensive method for increasing oil production.


JSC NK Neftisa (in the whole group)

Production rate for 2021

6,11 million tons

Recoverable oil reserves

377,1 million tons

Production sites


Exploration sites


Oil fields


Production rate for 2021

Recoverable oil reserves

Production sites

Exploration sites

Oil fields

JSC NK Neftisa

Production rate for 2021

6 920 thousand tons

Recoverable oil reserves

360 076 thousand tons

Production sites


Exploration sites


Oil fields


Recoverable oil reserves

Reserves growth

Exploratory wells

Operational wells

Expected oil production volume in 2020

6,11 million tons

Number of employees

6500 employees

Recoverable oil reserves АВС1+С2 in 2020

377,1 million tons


102 .

Licensed sites

111 .

Neftisa warns